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Dr. Spiller brings together the best of nature with the innovation of science for a premium skincare range that works with the skin, rather than against it. Evolving and innovating its approach for over 60 years, Dr. Spiller’s unique skincare formulas offer all the benefits of an oil-based solution with the super-light feel of a water-based skincare product.

Throughout the many changes in the cosmetic field over the decades we have always remained true to our underlying philosophy: we respect, support and maintain the skin’s natural hydro-lipidic barrier. Our products are formulated to ensure healthy levels of hydration, all day long. And we avoid any ingredients or actions that will lead to inflammation in the skin.  

We support this biomimetic approach with targeted, highly effective and scientifically proven active ingredients. This combination leads to unparalleled results with all types of skins. 

Working With Your Skin's Natural Barrier

Made in Germany,
Perfected in Over 60 Years

Based On Science
Enhanced By Natural Ingredients

Vegan Options
Not Tested On Animals

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Unique formulation technology for unparalleled results

Our creams are oil-based. Why? Because the health of our skin depends on the oils in its hydro-lipidic barrier. You may be surprised to learn that oil-based creams are the best solution for oily skins. Why? The skin produces oil because it wants to counteract dehydration. Apply an oil-based cream, the skin will remain well hydrated. The result? The skin’s production of sebum will normalize.  It’s counterintuitive but if you think about it, it makes sense.

Contrary to the cosmeceutical approach of forcing the skin into ongoing premature renewal, our formulations gently work with the skin in its ongoing task of maintaining homeostasis. 

Dr. Spiller’s formulations are based on liposomal technology. Actives are encapsulated in oils. The skin’s hydro-lipidic barrier repels water but our lipids easily meld with sebum.  This makes our formulations ideal delivery vehicles for our scientifically proven active ingredients. 


Why is biomimetic skincare better for your skin?

Coming from ‘bios’ meaning life and ‘mimere’ meaning to imitate, biomimetic skincare mimics the skin’s methods and processes to better deliver active ingredients. We use the best scientifically proven actives, selected and combined for highest synergistic efficacy. 

Our skin responds well to the biomimetic approach to skincare, and to biomimetic ingredients. 


Dr. Spiller Treatment Results

popular Dr. Spiller skincare products

Cellular Cream Mask

Aloe Sensitive Cleaning Gel

Aloe Vera Lip Balm

Eye Contour Cream

Acnoderm Gel

Cucumber Toner

Azulen Cream Mask

Herbal Active Complex

What Dr Spiller users are saying

Being a girl preferential to not wearing make up, it is important for me to keep my skin in the best of conditions. This is not always easy given the travel, long hours, and make up required while on set. However, since I have been welcomed into the Dr Spiller family, my skin has never been more hydrated, felt more smooth and plump and looked more glowingly healthy. I adore Sue and her team.
Genna Chanelle Hayes
All I want for Christmas is that #Drspillerglow because when I glow on the outside I shine bright from within! It's so much more to me than skincare, it's self-confidence, sparkle and sass ❤ #lovemydrspillerglow
Amanda Wright
Taking a huge leap out on my own after 9 years experience in the beauty industry I wanted to work with a product & company that I could trust for results and be completely confident in giving to all of my clients! I found Dr.Spiller and after lots of meetings and trial of their product I couldn’t believe the results I was seeing! I learnt a lot about the skins function with this product and couldn’t wait to try it on my own skin. I suffered from hormonal Acne for years off and on and Dr.Spiller + herbal peels completely changed my skin permanently! Even through pregnancy & breastfeeding! My clients love it & can see results within just 2 weeks a lot of the time. I’ve never had so much faith in a product and always feel like I can call Racquel for a second opinion for best results for my clients and my business!
I've recently just gone through a massive breakout and so i turned to Dr.Spiller products and facials. I've been absolutely loving it! Thanks heaps xx
Katrina Abuel
Dr. Spiller's Collagen Cream is my absolute lifesaver. My skin is so thirsty from all the flying - my glow is on super-charge after applying it to my face, neck & décolletage.
Amy Jean
I have always had red irritated skin, and suffer from eczema on my face and neck from time to time. I have always been so scared to try new products and haven't had facials before as I have reactive skin. A dermatologist recommended I stick to using Cetaphil cleanser and lotion, which felt OK on my skin but I still was always red. When I started working at Face Plus Bondi Beach, the girls put me onto Dr Spiller Azulen Cream and my skin has never been this good. No more redness and dry areas. I had a B Peel done two days ago and my skin is glowing and hydrated. It has honestly changed the way my skin looks and feels and has given me so much confidence. Thank you!!!!
Rowena Campbell
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