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Our skin is constantly working towards homeostasis, a healthy balance. Our philosophy is to support the skin in its endeavours with the best combination of science and nature. 

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Is your skincare ‘working with the skin’, or is it ‘doing to the skin’?

The concept of ‘doing to the skin’ with cosmeceutical ingredients has been predominant for many years. This approach misses an important step to healthy skin: quick repair and replenishment of the vital skin barrier, enabling the skin to quickly regain homeostasis.

We have been teaching our partner clinics the benefits of lipid based creams that are formulated to reinforce the skin’s hydro-lipidic barrier. Common symptoms of skin barrier disturbance, such as listed here, can be alleviated quickly:
– Dehydrated skin
– Redness indicating inflammation
– Sensitive skin
– Congested skin

Our combination of herbal skin resurfacing with skin barrier repairing Dr. Spiller formulations provides unparalleled results.
Our products can be a ‘full service’ stand-alone solution or they may fill the gap which undeniably exists in many of the popular brands.

Gold standard skin care requires a deep understanding of several disciplines

– The first element is a deep study of the structure and functions of the skin. A lack in this department will often lead to treatment of symptoms rather than the cause. 

– Herbs and plants are an indispensable part of our diet. They can also make an important contribution to skin health. Our Alex Herbs2Peel treatment is proof positive.

–  Modern science allows us to formulate elegant and highly effective delivery systems that are biomimetically compatible with the skin. Scientifically tested actives are selected for their clinically proven efficacy.

–  The combination of these elements results in highly effective formulations that work with the skin rather than breaking it down. This concept of supporting the skin’s hydro-lipidic
barrier is the new ideal solution to skin health.

Premium skincare brands you can trust

Your clinic’s success rests not only on the quality of skincare services but the quality of the skincare you provide and use. That’s why we focus on supplying our partners with the highest quality, premium and globally trusted biomimetic skincare brands possible.

In the early days of the trend to cosmeceuticals we decided to stick with our philosophy of working with the skin rather than breaking it down. As time goes by our decision is being validated. Experts are now pointing to negative side-effects associated with ongoing premature renewal of the skin. 

Dr Spiller have a 60-year history of producing high quality and highly effective skincare products. The company is staying true to its roots of biomimetic care whilst staying at the forefront of scientific developments. Working with the skin to help it regain and maintain homeostatic balance. 

New Skin in 5 Days

Skin Resurfacing with herbs was first developed in Germany in 1959. The protocol for this treatment was refined and perfected in clinical trials at the Institute for Experimental Dermatology in Essen, Germany. 

Aevitas Actives is a novel 5-in-1 BB Foundation. It slides on easily for wonderful coverage. Zinc helps to prevent and resolve skin impurities. It also provides a level of UV protection. A selection of proven active ingredients round out these ultra-light formulations. 

The Reveel range was borne out of 50 years of research and work with severe skin injuries such as 3rd degree burns.  MedSkin Solutions patented Collagen Fleece Masks and their proprietary process of stabilizing actives makes Reveel a stand-out in performance. 

Treatment Results with Our Products

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More than just your skincare supplier

While premium-quality and highly effective skincare enhances your clinic’s reputation with your clients, the level of service, training and support you receive from your supplier will impact your business success.

We provide initial training to all our new clients at their locations. Following our introduction you have access to our online training and ongoing expert business development advice.

Our range of products and treatments gives you a complete range of options to effectively treat skin concerns and conditions.
Our retail training makes educating your clients easy as they will be ‘keen to buy’. For your clients this is a refreshing change from ‘being sold to’.


Frequently Asked Questions

OmniDerm is a premium, biomimetic skincare supplier for Australian skincare clinics, medispas and medical cosmetic clinics. We are considered one of the main skincare suppliers in the Australian market. 
We focus on high-quality skincare for our cosmetic partners and supply a range of biomimetic skincare brands including Dr Spiller, Alex Cosmetic, AEVITAS and Reveel by Medskin Solutions.

We are the exclusive Australia/New Zealand supplier of Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skincare. Our products
are available through our exclusive network of cosmetic partners.
Dr. Spiller products are a range of biomimetically conceived formulations that combine the best of
science and nature in unique lipid-based creations.

Our cosmetic partner program is available to all skincare clinics, medispas and medical cosmetic clinics in Australia. You can apply to join our growing community of cosmetic partners at any time via our website.

As part of our partner program we offer induction and training in your own premises. You will then
have access to Skinpedia, our extensive online training resource. It features videos of our
treatments, manuals and education to help you gain a deep understanding of the structure and
functions of our skin.

Our Account Managers are qualified skin specialists with practical in-clinic experience. They will be
able to support you with product, ingredient and treatment advice. They can also be your consultant
who can assist with suggestions on business matters.

Apart from the personal support from your Account Manager, you will have access to Skinpedia, our
e-learning platform. It offers online videos complemented by written treatment protocols that make
learning fun and easy. You will have access to detailed manuals explaining our philosophy, our
products, and the benefits of ingredients contained in our products. Marketing materials can be
downloaded. You will be entitled to use our exclusive (and non-touched-up) before and after
photographs. Once you join OmniDerm you get a password that allows you full access to all
information on Skinpedia.

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