Innovative solutions for radiant, beautiful skin.
A powerful herbal complex to address a large variety of common skin conditions and concerns.


Premium Formulations Developed In Germany

Individualised Skincare Concept for a 5-Step Approach

Resurface the skin with botanical power

Comprehensive Care And Protection For All Skin Types

Bringing together the best of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, herbs and botany, Alex Cosmetic has evolved its skincare formulations over generations. Alex Cosmetic uses biomimetic, natural ingredients to guarantee maximum effectiveness and balance for the skin.

Using modern technology, research and development, Alex Cosmetic continues to discover new ingredients that combine harmoniously with the skin to help it regulate, rebalance and revitalise itself. Its range provides complete care for all skin types, giving you that healthy, radiant and beautiful glow.

A complete skincare, designed to work together

Alex Cosmetic has taken a different, more minimal approach to its skincare line.

Designed to work harmoniously together for all skin types, it categorises its range into five distinct areas of care. This approach ensures its products are highly compatible and work with each other to maximise results.

Alex Cosmetic’s five-step skincare :

  1. Cleanse: A deep and thorough skin cleansing wash
  2. Open: A regenerative peel to prepare the skin for subsequent care
  3. Tone: Toner treatment to bring about balance, refresh and hydrate
  4. Correct: With options to calm, rescue, brighten, renew or instil alegance
  5. Protect: Long-lasting protection of the skin from external aggressors

Ingredients that harness the power of nature

Alex Cosmetic has brought together the fundamentals of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, herbs and botany to uncover the best, high-performing ingredients for its skincare line.

Its strong focus on research and development results in the continuous discovery of new natural and sustainable ingredients to regulate, rebalance and revitalise the skin. 

Alex Cosmetic skincare has also been designed with ingredients that work in harmony combined with other products in the range. The result is simple, comprehensive and highly effective care for your skin.


Alex Cosmetic Treatment Results

Most popular Alex Cosmetic products

BB Cream Protect

herbs2peel Powder

Enzyme Peeling


Alex Cosmetic Skincare Experiences

I had a Herbal Activ Peel last week. I am absolutely thrilled by the results and have recommend all my friends & patients to have the treatment! By far the best result I have ever had from one off treatment! Not only is my pigment lightened, my pores are refined and breakouts have cleared and my skin is so much brighter and fresher! Perfect treatment before my 30th birthday next Friday!
Emily French
With my hand on my heart this is the best skincare in the world! I was recently working in the plains of South Africa in the harshest sun conditions imaginable, but my skin has never looked more plump and radiant. I used Dr. Spiller Collagen Cream every night & morning, plus the Alex BB Cream in the morning to soothe and protect my face, neck, décolletage and back of hands. If you want clear, dewy skin make these two products your go-to.
Helen Dowsley
Celebrity Hair & Makeup artist
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